mandag den 19. april 2010

Hanami isn't all about the trees

This weekend the Copenhagen Sakura Festival was held. It is an event hosted by - among others - the Japanese Embassy in Denmark. It is held at Langelinie Park where a lot of Sakuras have been planted some years ago.
It is held once every year - I went two years ago, but couldn't come last year.

This year the weather was kind of bad - there was a lot of wind and it was freezing. Also, the trees wasn't even in bloom yet, thanks to our very long winter this year.
It is a two-day event from 11-17 o'clock. Saturday I came in my yukata. I bought it in Japan two years ago and the mood of the fesival + my yukata + a lot of the friends from my japanese class, with which I travelled to Japan with, being there, made me nostalgic and crazy happy.

I've been wanting to do that kind of side up-do for like forever. I thought it was awesome - like a second head on one side of my face, haha. Surprisingly it only took about 15 min. to set.

Going from Saturday to Sunday! I wore my Penguin Kigurumi, made by myself. I wore a lot of layers underneath, to keep warm.

I knew so many people, but it was nice to sit down and take my time to talk with all of them. I have learned from previous events not to rush around and greet everyone. Taking it easy is much better.

I took abouth 250 pitures this weekend and I really liked how a lot of them turned out. I love my camera.

Both days we danced Bonodori, the spring dance. I danced it two years ago too and I really love to do it. It's fun, yet relaxing.

I had to make some nails. I have been dying to make multi-colored nails for a long time, and decided that now was the time. The quality of the nails sucked though, and I took them off this morning.


7 kommentarer:

  1. Your hair and makeup looks amazing *_* And the yukata is super cute!
    I'm glad you had such a great weekend :D

  2. that penguin suit is super cute~!

    i want to get a rilakkuma one for my gf

  3. You look awesome! And this penguin suit is so so cute on you! :*

  4. Both your kigurumi and yukata were so cute and pwetty ;w;

  5. It was freaking cold ^3^ but love penguin outfit <3