søndag den 25. april 2010

I could eat you up, I love you so...

I went to see Where The Wilds Things Are yesterday. It only runs in one cinema ind all of Denmark.
I've heard that it is amazingly hyped in the US, so the fact that it is unknown here is kind of wierd. But it is probably because it is based on a book that europeans doesn't know.

Max is a boy with no friends. His sister doesn't even look at him and his mother isn't as aware of him as she probably should be. Some day he throws a tantrum and runs off. He finds a bout a sails to an island where he meets the wild things. He become their king and one of them. The life on the island is a direct parallel to how he feels in the "real" world. The wild things are all a object of his imagination - but he learns a lot from them and return home.

I must say that it was a sweet, kind and fine movie, but in my opinion it could just as well have lasted half an hour. I don't think there was enough plot for 1,5 hours. There was ups and downs a lot of times, but they all followed the same pattern - he is sad, then angry, then he is friendly. And then the same one more time. Also the ending was very wierd, because it didn't end properly - it didn't even have a proper open ending. It was just like "stop, we used all of our money" or something....
The wild things were also very confusing. I couldn't really get their personalities at all - they kind of changed a lot...

On the positive side Max was great. Max is played by a boy named Max, and his acting skills was surprisingly good. Plus he is adorable.


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