onsdag den 21. april 2010

Typing Spring

I'm crazy ecxited about spring time. It's been in Denmark for some weeks now (althought it's raining/snowing right now) and when I saw the SALE sign in H&M I had to go see if they had some sweet items.

Haha, these sucked so bad. They could only look funny.

I bought these three items. The top, the jeans and the floral top in the back. All items for 120 DKK - cheap! And the jeans discounted from 200 -> 50.

Last week we did blood tests in Biology.
I have been wanting to know my type for years now, and I was really looking forward to finally find out.
I'm kind of scared of needles, so my teacher had to prick my finger for me, haha.

I'm an 0 positive!


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