mandag den 26. april 2010

I swear I can smell the spring

This week is going to be great with the weather! We're having up till 18 degrees !

But this weekend wasn't bad either. Sunday I went to my good friend Katinka's place and we went on our bikes to get to a park so that we could walk around it! Everything is finally blooming, and the air is filled with the sweet aromas of trees and flowers. I am so psyked about nature when it's spring!

The sakura trees are blooming in my home town.
My friend and I walked down this path. I couldn't help thinking about fairy tales while walking towards that house. It looks as if it's taken out of a book. Really adorable house.

I love that I'm able to wear sunglasses. I know I could before as well, ut now the UV-chart is high enough for it to be necessary!
Also, I really love that a jacket isn't needed when you're in the direct sun as it is now...

Spring, you're my lover atm <3


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  1. Sakura trees are so beautiful when blooming!
    And that outfit is perfect for spring :DD