mandag den 5. april 2010

Is holidaying even a word?

This eater holiday is soon over. And what am I spending my last day of freedom on? Yes, that's right: Homework.
I used to be one of those students who finished their assignments two weeks before they were due. Now I always end up doing them last minute. Why did I change?!

I was so happy to finally wear those shoes. My grandparents gave them to me as a Christmas present, and now it is finally warm enough to use them!

My mom was going to throw a verry big bag filled with clothes out. I got ahold of it before and got some stuff. My mother and I are about the same size, she's thinner someplaces and has other proportions but that's it. So I can use her clothes, haha. But that's like people with siblings -they use each other's clothes all the time, right?


4 kommentarer:


    where are they from? XD

  2. It's SO stupid to do homework last minute.
    That's what I've always done. And it's so stressful. I wish I could change D:

    You look beautiful!