torsdag den 15. april 2010

Shut up. Kick Ass. Again. And again.

I went to see Kick Ass this Saturday wtih my friend, Line. I wanted to make a post of it, but then I saw some posters for the movie around city and wanted to wait until I had pictures of those. But then my friend told me about UPS! det er live (Woops, it's live streaming, a show)'s superhero Kick-Ass event, where everyone got free tickets if they came in super. And I had to wait for my ass-kicking post.
So I have seen it twice, counting yesterday's cinema event. And it's just premiered today here in Denmark. Sweet.

I went as Raven, from Teen Titans. A lot of the guys working in the cinema took my picture, haha.

On to the movie!
IT'S FUCKING AWESOME! I love it. I want to see it again. NOW.

All right, it's about this dude called Dave. He's not cool, not popular, not even a geek - he's just... plain and regular. He uses most of his time on wanking - I had totally not seen that one coming, hah! And then he thinks of becoming a superhero, just without the powers. He buys a cotume and starts his new image as Kick-Ass. The world loves him and Red Mist, Hit Girl and Big Daddy goes into the super as well. But of course bad guys come along and there's trouble for the supers!

I was disturbed the first little while. You see this little 12-year old girl KILLING adults without a care in the world. And she is actually a bit frightening. But then you get used to all the kiddie violence and ends up being like: "SHE IS SO HARDCOREEE!!"
And let me say, I can't get enough of Aaron Johnson's eyes! They are so f***ing pretty! Like gems that can see right through your soul. He is cute too, very cute.
The first time I watched the movie everything was like wow,wow,wowww! and the second time it was just funny, hardcore and eyecandy (Aaron).

Very cool bus stop, yes.

I am so becoming a Kick-Ass fan.
I want the comic too.


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  1. That is so cool, haha! I wish I was there <3

  2. Sounds like lots of fun :DD
    And I can't wait to watch the film!