tirsdag den 6. april 2010

Easter is all about the candy

I actually thought that I wasn't going to get any Easter chocolate this year, me being older now and all that. But I got a whole lot! And I ate almost all of it in two days.... Unhealthy much? But oh well, nothing I'll die off.
The big rabbit was from my grandparents, the yellow egg (was filled with choco) from my Uncle and Aunt, the plants from my mother's friend and the paper flowers + silver egg from my parents.

The eggs from the siler egg have different stuff inside them. Some even have caramel! I don't like a lot of things, so I've opened them up and seen what's inside every time. But that was actually really fun!

I saw almost all of my family this Easter and that was very nice. Also because there wasn't any family fights like usual ! Very nice indeed!


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