onsdag den 7. april 2010

I say: DISNEY GOGO but they say "no"?!

Ms. No-neck, haha. Like my shirt my and my, Mickey is great.

Speaking of Disney... When I go to Japan this summer I really wanna go to Disney Sea, but my parents are like: "Why? It's boring.We don't want to". It's not really that expensive and I just really want it to be a part of our trip! But I really don't want to go there alone, all by myself - where's the fun in that?
Any of you have some good arguments to win them over?

Today we had aroung 14 degrees celcius and the sun was so warming! When I came home from school I joined my mother in our garden and I ate this year's first out-door ice cream! It feels like a great achievement, how pathetic that may be.
The wind was a little chilly, so I had to sit with a duvet around me. The sun shone so brightly that I couldn't read even with my sun glasses on but then I pulled my scarf-bow down over the shades and that did it!
Yesterday I went to Ariellah's place and I borrowed her Star Trek book. I've come a long way already!

Just three shirts I bought for 10 DKK each. : D


5 kommentarer:

  1. Just go: well... screw this I'm going to Disney Sea >8D *sneak off*

    My best suggestion xD I never argue with my parents... I'm too big of a wuss XD

  2. DISNEY IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE A KID!!! Tell them that you miss being a kid and NEED to go there at all cost and convince them it's really fun or something!!

    & your mickey outfit is soooo adorable!!

  3. how cute!
    u are like a minnie mouse~

  4. omg LIV! you're so cute!!

    i was laughing hard when i saw "MS.no neck"

    i love your ribbon headband! it's so nice!!