tirsdag den 27. april 2010

These shoes have made me rockin'

Today was supposed to be a day with 18 degrees. But it wasn't - actually it was really windy and cold. But I wore my new shoes and that msde me happy enough to forget temperatur, haha! They are actually really easy to walk in! And I get so tall...

It sucks that my extension are dried out. I should give them a a reconstructing conditioner...

We got off early today from school so some of my classmates went to Seline's place - she lives like 5 minutes from the school. We had fun with her turtle and saw "Seven" with Brad Pitt, Gweneth Patrow and Morgan Freeman. I really liked it, even though it was a bit oldschool.

Speaking of movies... Imperial is showing Iron-man 1+2 tomorrow because number 2 is premiering Thursday... I so want to go to that event! Its not that expensive, but I don't have tickets and it's probably only the sucky seats that are left...

My lenses! I am so happy they still work superb. There was almost no water left in their contact lens case, so I was afraid they wouldn't work any longer.

My first class tomorrow is at 12:15. What.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Adorable shoes, which lenses did you buy?

  2. I LOOVE THAT OUTFIT! And your hair *Q* Gorgeous girl!

    I think you look kind of scary with blue eyes ö But that's just because your brown eyes look so beautiful~