tirsdag den 28. september 2010

Stressy Jessie

I'm going to this hero/villain party on Friday and I was planning to wear Jessie. Just one problem: I'm not done with her just yet. I don't think I'll make the hat because it's just going to get ruined at the party after all, so... But I'm kind of in a pinch. Also becuase I have a lot of assignments in school. But! I must finish. I got a new reason to cosplay her:

SHE IS SOOOO SEXY. Damn, I hadn't thought it possible. But she really is. And now I'm going to feel a whole lot better wearing the cosplay - less dorky, so to say.
Also.... I really like Buzz and Jessie as a couple. And them being head over heels for each other, ready to go all the way, like in the fan video... It's really an appealing thought! I wouldn't have thought I'd think that about these toys, them being from my childhood and all. But I really do. Smexy couple !



4 kommentarer:

  1. Anonyyyyyym der ;D!!

    - Omg Liv.. De eneste der må være sammen fra Toy Story er Bo Peep og Woody, skøre dame <3
    Håber du får lavet det hele og glæder mig til at se billeder af dit cosplay! ;D!

  2. Er oz total fan af det couple efter jeg så 3eren! Glæder mig rigtig meget til at se det cosplay når det er finido *w*

    (Sys du kommer til rigtig mange supehero/villans-temafester) XDDD HAIL CPH!!!

  3. liv <3

    you're sooo cute! u'll definitely look awesome as Jessie!!

    can't wait to see ur cosplay photos! <3