fredag den 24. september 2010

Naivety 'n' memories

I did my nails!! I actually made them for Kita last weekend, but since it was all spent in cosplay I didn't get to wear them. But oh well, then I'll wear them now! I love how I can always correct the nail art mistakes I make - if there's suddenly too many things on the nail you just smack a huuuge rhinestone on and then it looks good again!

I love wearing nails. Gives me such happiness, haha, how dumb it may sound. I think my fingers are sort of short and chubby, but when I wear my nails long the fingers seems longer and slender - more feminine.

School is hard atm. Like, really bad. I spend 7 hours on my math assignment the other day and didn't even finish it. They've learned so much last year that I haven't and it's just impossible to follow what the teachers say sometimes - because I need background knowledge that I've never been taught. And it's hard trying to learn it all self-studying.
Not that I thought it was going to be easy. I just didn't think it would be this tough.

At times like that it's always good to remember good stuff from the past. Like me going to the Muse concert here in Copenhagen with the darling Simone. It was such a FANTASTIC concert - it worked much better on the stage we had than the one in the youtube video because they had a bigger stage here. My heart is beating furiously just remembering.


4 kommentarer:

  1. I love your nailart!!
    and how it suits with this outfitt =D

  2. Aww, cute nails! They match your outfit perfectly! And I love what you did with your hair!!

    I hope everything in school will work out for you :( Sounds like crap.

  3. Smukke negle *-* og vildt cute outfit!
    Håber du får mere overskud mht skolearbejde - det lyder hårdt.. Kender det godt, med at ikke vide så meget som alle de andre.. gik i en yderst crappy folkeskole ._. så var slet ikke på samme niveau som alle andre i gymnasiet. Det var nederen og hårdt. Men man kan hvad man vil, så du skal nok klare dig fantastisk <3

  4. Pretty pretty nails.. <3
    Igen, held og lykke med det hele i gym .-.