torsdag den 23. september 2010

Fish from the water

Okay, kind of Ponyo spamming here. I KNOW. But I thought you might like the shots. THANKS SO MUCH to Sascha for taking these photos of our cosplays. It's really incredible she could cope with all the things she had to do that weekend - lots of photoshoots, being quizz master 2-3 times, being co-arranger and have friends staying over at her house. You are incredible, Sascha ! Haha.

It was kind of hard to get the shoot right. I had bare feet and legs so I could go in the water - which was freezing btw - but in the movie it's more Fujimoto that keeps coming from the water, and Astrid really couldn't step down into the lake with her cosplay on. So we had to do a lot of stuff that weren't really screen accurate.

Like this. Father and many children. All happy - Fujimoto really isn't happy at any point in the movie. God, that man! Smile a bit, cheer up. But it's nice to think that they have been/will be like this at some point (outside the movie).

.... Or not.

Once again, thanks for an awesome weekend girls and guys. I wore my cosplay for about 16 hours just on Saturday but it didn't even feel wierd thanks to you guys.


4 kommentarer:

  1. Så utroligt bedårende, i er så skønne! og Sascha er ret super ;D!

  2. HAHAHAHHA, the last picture <333333 You are so wonderful XD

    And thank you for the supersweet words<3

  3. Awww nummer 3 billede med dukkerne <33 so cuute! Elsker jeres cosplays, kan aldrig se det nok altså.. I er for seje <3 er misundelig over jeres awesome weekend til Kita.. savner Kita, manner.
    Tak for din super søde besked på min blog <3

  4. Woah~ I love your cosplays!
    I just saw the movie in cinema on Monday, and I thought it'd be cool to see some cosplay of it... haha and now posted these great pictures :D