mandag den 13. september 2010

Dressing in calories

It's really gross how much cake I've eaten the last 4 days. Friday an event called "out-of-the-house-day" was held at my high school and it always ends with a gigantic cake buffet - I hadn't eaten any lunch and I ate 'till I was full. Then Saturday I ate half of a really big cake with my friend Katinka (see pic below) and in the evening at a movie night I ate a lot of chocolate tarte. And yesterday and today I've eaten 2 pieces of the pictured creme/chocolate tarte.

I hung out with Tink this weekend. It's been a while and it was nice to just talk for a bunch of hours. I've given her one of my Polaroid cameras and it was really nice to see that she'd already shot a few (the old films are really expensive, so you don't really just shoot away).

Today's outfit. I went into town after school with the girl Nadia and we bought her a really cool necklace and materials for my Jessie-cosplay. Damn, my feet were aching by the end of the shopping trip.

I was asked to post a bigger image of these lovelies. So here it is, haha! I've been thinking of getting the laces changed, because the fact that they're grey kind of annoys me...

I once had a Jessie the Yodeling Cow Girl doll and I tried to find it in my basement in the boxes with my old toys. But I only found this cute Stitch figurine. So I put it next to my Tokyo DisneyLand souvenir, the Chesire Cup !
I really hate losing things.


5 kommentarer:

  1. god, that creme/chocolate tart looks SO GOOD. nomnomnomnom!

  2. Mmkage <3 Du er så pæn Liv, du fortjener kage :*
    Elsker din kop <3 so cute.
    Og jeg kender godt det med ømme fødder efter en shopping dag.. man skal lide for skønheden, haha XD

  3. Det var hygliiiii <3 Someday we shop together!!! <3<3



    Loove your outfit! Especially the pants. And I love what you've done with your hair!
    But your crazy animu-smile is crazy CCCC:

  5. Danggg, that is a lot of cake. Sounds delicious!

    And, those shoes are fantastic! *-* I think the laces work, somehow, even if they are grey.