mandag den 20. september 2010

Domestic oddness

As mentioned in my last post I went to Jutland for the weekend. The main reason being that Astrid and I needed to get a photo shoot of our Ponyo cosplays. But Anime Kita, the japanese culture association in Aalborg, hosted a 3-day get-together so I also participated in that. It was kind of like a mini-con - really cool! We were only 90 people or so, which made it all very intimate.

I flew to Aalborg. It was my first time flying domestic, and I was really excited about it, haha! It's much cheaper than going by train and half the money - almost anyway. It only takes 45 minutes! I thought it would feel like forever once you sat in the plane, but it was over freakishly fast.

Since it was a first for me, I had never been to Terminal 1 in the Kastrup Airport over here. I had pictured it old and shabby - it was everything but. It was really architectural and that took me by surprise. I had to basically unpack to take some snapshots.

At the Anime Kita building they had made this old childrens' game Who's Who?! in an anime version! It was actually quite hard. This one time Astrid ended up with only one character left at it was the one she had herself - and when you only have one left it should be the character your opponent has... Fun stuff, yesss.

There were soooo many competitions! I was in probably half og them and I won two!! I won the Anime song and sound Quizz which was very funny since I sat next to Astrid and Morten and we all wrote the exact same thing. At least we thought so. We were almost disqualified because of this, but Morten came in 2nd and Astrid in 3rd. Everyone had been in groups, discussing answers, so they couldn't really say we'd done something wrong. Even thought it was totally cheating, haha.
The other quizz I won was the Team Quizz! It was really fun. It lasted about 2 hours and in the end the tension had been built up so high. No one was a safe winner, and we only won because our answer to the very last question was correct. We won with 1 point.
My prizes were the compleate Silver Fang anime and 100 DKK to a shop called Gashapon.

I've really wanted those shoes. They were on sale in Monki, but they were sold out instantly over here in Copenhagen. Then Astrid mentioned that they weren't in Aalborg and she was going to buy some for herself, so I got her to buy some for me as well! Turned out they only had them left in my size, but she still bought them for me. THANKS SO MUCH ASTRIIIID. I would beheartbroken if I had to buy some shoes I loved for someone else.

We were all so tired by the end of the weekend. We had to style Astrid's wig one of the nights, so we didn't get to bed before 4. And the other night we came home at 2.

THANKS FOR A GREAT TIME, girls and guys! I really enjoyed every minute. Even when I was bicykling through Aalborg in my cosplay.


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  1. Det lyder som en virkelig sjov weekend :D Som får min weekend til at se virkelig kedelig ud, haha.

    Ohhhh, Who's Who - det spil havde jeg helt glemt! Elskede det XD <3

  2. Hahaha elsker billedet af Louise til sidst :D !

  3. Epic Ponyo cosplays are epic!! :O

  4. I've flown domestic twice - both to Bornholm. it's so much fun, it only takes about 25min, so basically it's just takeoff and landing.
    The get-together sounds like so much fun! :D


    It was sooo much fun seeing you again, Girl <3 You looked amazing as usual. And waaay too cute in your Po-po-ponyo cosplay :'D You are a winner!

  6. Rigtig ret at se dig igen :D Du var så fin i dit Ponyo cosplay og du så dejlig levende at være sammen med. Milkshakes say nomnom <3
    Tillykke med konkurrencerne og dejligt du kom både godt frem og godt tilbage :D Glæder mig til at se alle ponyo billederne

  7. Kom hjem igen Ponyo, her er lidt stille ;A;
    Jeg har bare så meget lyst til at spille Hvem Er Hvem HVIS JEG DOG BARE IKKE TRÆKKER SASUKE IGEN, MAN.

  8. looks like sooo much fun!!! I'll come with u next time ^^ !

  9. I love your Ponyo wig, where did you get it?