fredag den 10. september 2010

Pricy week

I walked out like this and 5 seconds later my hair was one big knot and my eyes were filled with tears. Damn, it was SO windy yesterday! ALL the things I'm wearing in this pic are new. The hat and ring is from Japan on SALE, the jeans on sale as well here in Denmark, tee from eBay and really cheap and then my compleately ridiculously cheap heels (15 DKK).
I love feeling like a million without wearing clothes worth as much.

I'm the kind of person who always loose track of things whereabouts. My favorite object to loose is probably my hair brush. I've been running about for a while this morning, looking for it, with tangles hair. And I hate when I find it in a drawer, among my clothes. I just shows how big of an airhead I am inthe morning.

Last week I spend A LOT of money. I wanted to get some stuff from H&M while I still had my 25 % off staff-card, and I kind of went crazy. But I love allt he new stuff, so I guess it's okay. The shirt combo is from H&M kids department. I was wishing all day long that nobody would notice, haha.

I made these nails. Wore them for one day. Then took them off. They were just WAY too purple, haha.


10 kommentarer:

  1. Daaamn! I really love your second outfit! Hair-buns suits you so well!

    And I like your shoppingstyle!

  2. Go-go-go-gorgeous!
    The second outfit, I LOVE. The colors are so nice and so autumn-like, without being all covered up :D
    (I love that skirt and shoes)

  3. Hey, der er ikke noget galt i at gå i H&M børneafdeling tøj, hahaaa. (hvis folk hater på det, er det bare fordi de ikke selv kan passe det.. snap) De har jo de sødeste ting i den afdeling!
    Elsker dit andet outfit <3 sooo cuuteeee~ Nerderdelen er så nuttet! Og elsker overknees <3
    Dit første outfit er også rigtig pænt, hatten er vildt fed!
    Håber det gik godt til dit.. shanghaie-folk-til-photoshoot projekt :D

  4. I LOVE THAT SHITS. IT'S AMAZING *** You look so classy. I love cheap clothes that still makes you look like a million :D

    Your Minnie outfit is sooo cute. Love the skirt! And the outfit kinda reminds me of Astrid's Minnie outfit *A*

  5. LIV DINE OUTFITS ER SÅ SØDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OG den kasket er direkte LOVE *A*


  6. hahah so cool xDD
    I like to shop at the kids department too 8D

    nobody ever notice though ;) so don't worry

  7. I alwasy lose my brush and too find it in odd places XD

    The Minnie code is AWESOME! and damn, I wish I could fit in the kids section so many awesome stuff! Hah

  8. Wow those outfits are so cool, I love the hair on the second one, so cute!! I hate it when you do your hair and its so windy outside and it ruins it :(

    Kitty x

  9. PERFECT! So inspiring outfits!<3 I love it!