torsdag den 30. september 2010

Settings, sett yous, thank you

A friend of me pointed out how to me that she couldn't comment unless she was on blogspot/LJ/etc. and I was like: "Huh?" because I've not even looked at my commenting settings before today, haha. But now I've changed it so that you don't have to write an annoying spam filter message and you can comment even though you're anominous!

Wow, obsessed much?? (not mine)

I'd like to thank you all again. It's really a joy knowing that so many people look at my blog every day and I always love receiving your kind words in comments. It really keeps me going !
Much love to you all, dear followers.


3 kommentarer:

  1. I luw your blog <3 and your lashes...

    - your devoted stalker.

  2. Nuttet!
    Og det er jeg faktisk også glad for, haha.. hader det-der spam filter ._. tager ekstra tid, altså. Os dovne mennesker falder sammen, når vi bliver bedt om det, når vi lige har taget os sammen til at kommentere.