fredag den 3. september 2010

Do you remember how to sing?

I'm watching Glee at the moment. That's why I'm not updating much, haha. But I really love it! I used to sing in a school choir myself. It made me really like being in my own skin and I loved expressing myself through singing. I was always told that I sang really well and now people tell me that I pretty much suck. Confusing much?

For those who don't know: Glee is about this teacher, Will, who takes over the school choir, Glee Club. The members are all social losers and they're all unhappy to be underdogs. But Will teaches them that there's more in life than popularity. The series is about the hardships of the club and everyone in the club.

I've been down because of school etc. but Glee has made this week a whole lot better. There's always someone there who's got it tougher/worse than me. But it's also got a lot of really good stuff to tell the audience: don't change yourself for others, love yourself, don't care about what others say, each and every choice has a consequence but it's never too late to make things better.

The most important thing Glee has taught me is probably how much I love singing. I had forgot about that, I can't believe I did. And screw people who tell me I can't sing, I'll just sing at home all alone. If it makes me happy, I should do it. Right?


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  1. do what ever makes you happy, because it puts a pretty smile on your pretty face <3 I sing at home too, even though I think I suck at it but it is fun 8D

  2. Du har lige beskrevet Glee bedre end jeg nogensinde kunne. Du har virkelig fundet det der gør serien så skøn!
    og syng liv, syng til dit hjerte brister fordi det er så lykkeligt <3

  3. Kunne se på Facebook, at du er begyndt i klasse med nogle af mine venner fra folkeskolen. Hvis det bliver rigtig slemt, kan du bare komme over på Frederiksberg Tekniske Gymnsaium <3

  4. Glee er virkelig den bedste serie! :D elsker elsker elsker den. & du har helt ret angående tema'er, elsk dig selv & vær ligeglad med hvad andre siger og tænker. Et fantastisk tema, men også et rigtig godt råd! :D husk det! ♥ ~ ♪♫

  5. glee is like... AWESOME!! actually it was one of my hiphop friends that showed me (he's totally pop-ish on the inside) haha!