søndag den 26. september 2010

Don't just stand there!

I went to a flea marked with Hopy today! It was really nice seeing her and I had a great time. It's been o long since I went to a flea market - last time was in Japan!!! And when I usually go all the time, that's a huge gap between market visits. Hopy couldn't really remember when she'd last gone so it was about time for her, haha.
I thought this sign was cool and really fitting for flea markets. Buy something!! haha.

And so I did. My parents have been complaining about my lack of a proper autumn jacket and then I found this blue/black one I really liked ! And for the price of 40 DKK it was all mine.
I bought the sweater off a girlfriend's mom. They had a booth at the market so I ran into my friend, which was really nice. I hadn't seen her in months! I thought the sweater was nice. Can you believe it's from the 80ies?! Gosh, so old...

You find the most odd thing at flea markets. Like reindeer hairbands. Hopy is the wonderful model.

Later Yin came by to hang out. It was fantastic to just chill with her and talk. I've missed her a lot. She goes to my former high school and it's really wierd not seeing her almost every day.

Outfit of the day. My heels were compleately white from all the dusty stones at the flea market, haha! I'm going to clean them soon, I really can't wear them in their current shape.


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  1. Ooh! I miss flea markets as well! You can really find some great things there! Plus, I'm loving your sweater and jacket! It's getting quite chilly nowadays!

    <33 Rena


  3. You look really hot in that last picture on the right.