lørdag den 25. september 2010

Designs for the masses

Today I went to the Designer's Forum here in cph. I've been there once before, last time 1 year ago - I think? It's held every fall and every spring and I think I'll go this spring as well. Because it's really great if you just remember to keep your eyes open!
You had to get a stamp on your hand (like in the picture) to be able to go in and out of the grand hall.

There was a lot of people, but less than last time I was there. Probably because of the rain outside that people had to go through to get to Forum.
I had a date with my friend Zarah, but she had forgotten that she had a shift at work, so I went with my mom instead!

A lot of the products being sold at the Designer's Forum is samples for next seasons. So actually you can buy things before everyone else and pay at least half of what they'll pay.

The whole reason I went was because I wanted to get a new bag for school. My old one is totally wrecked and at the Friis & Company booth always have bags for 100 DKK. It's really bag-heaven because there are bags for every type. One bad thing is that you need to sort through a whole lot of boxes to find all the different bags - and in the attempt of doing this almost all of my nails fell of, haha.
I kind of bought 3 bags - if you bought 3 you got them for 250 DKK. So very cheap bags! And then I bought a Björn Borg bag for 150 DKK. It was bigger than the white one, so I'll use that for heavier school days.

I also bought a little purse and two belts ! The Friis & Company stuff is never really pricy, but some of the other booths prices are really high. To compare: F&C shoes cost 200 DKK while shoes all other places cost at least 400 DKK. So I had to keep my head cool and just go past all the expensive, yet fabulous things.

I think I'm going to use these bags so much!


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  1. It really sucked that I had work D: I really wanted to go shopping!! But I love the bags, they are so fab!


  2. that's so cool 'o'
    I don't think we have such a thing in the Netherlands.
    I like the belts you bought the most :3

  3. I'm so jealous - I wish I had money :'(
    the big bag with the blue spychedelic pattern is SO FAB. god I hate you

  4. lucky doll! love the light blue and white bag ^^

    c ya soon!