tirsdag den 1. juni 2010

Examinating money

Time goes by very quickly. I haven't written anything here for days now. And I don't even go to school anymore - the free time for exam preparations have started. I'll have a Mathematics test tomorrow and later on I'll have verbal Art and AT examinations.

I am horribly in love with scarfs. I went shopping in vintage shops Friday and bought some old scarfs with neat prints. And then I went to a flea market with over 200 stands and found a lot of very sweet things - including 2 new scarfs. No, actually 3. So now I've got about 15 or something like that.

I have been searching for blazers for a while now. I don't want some in bad quality and I don't want all black ones + the ones I find are too expensive in my opinion ( I think 150-200 DKK is a lot). But then I found these two at the flea market!!! I LOVE THEM.
I have been sitting for hours on Ebay and the danish Trensales looking for jackets with army prints, but never really found some I loved. And then I found this and it was just my size. It cost me 40 DKK.
The denim blazer is kind of original in my opinion. You see denim jackets all around, but I haven't seen any blazers before. And it was 10 DKK.

New boots and a cap - 30 DKK.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Paul Frank ftw <3

    og det klæder dig uden øjenvipper syns jeg :)

  2. Hvor fedt! Du er vildt god til at finde billige ting <3 det burde jeg øve mig på også, haha. Støvlerne er vildt fede!

  3. cool stuff!!!!!
    THE BOOTS - where? how much?

  4. Hello ! I'm a new follower !
    I think that you have a very great style ! *-*
    And a funny attitude too ^-^

    Ps: I love the ribbon and the hair style !

  5. I love your style so much!
    I hope your tests will go great :D