onsdag den 23. juni 2010

Summing summer

The weather is really undecided. Really hot and with lots of sunshine one minute and clouds and lower temperatures the next. But yesterday it was rather hot and I could play summer haha :D
I FINALLY received my H&M wedges. I bought them at their online shop like 3-4 months ago, and they'd told me I would have them by the 18th of May - I just got them last week, a month later. But they are real good to walk in and meant for summer, so it's all right.

I went shopping with Sørine and Ariellah yesterday. Sørine couldn't buy anything because she's going to Spain next week and has already spent this month's money. Ariellah was looking for something very accurate and didn't find it, so she didn't really buy that much. It was still fun though. It's always fun to spend time with the girls.
I bought that dress. It's my nude dress. It compleately matches my skin tone. I tried it on some weeks ago but didn't buy it because of the fact that I want to save money for Japan. But then I had to get it yesterday, since I've been thinking about it ever since.

JAPAN IN 16 DAYS!!! My heart is skipping a whole lot of beats these days...


6 kommentarer:

  1. Super outfit the first one! I love the skirt!! <3 you're so lovely!

  2. Your makeup is lovely! And that outfit is perfect for summer!
    Oh my gosh, that dress looks sooooooo sexy on you, grrrrrrl! Where's it from? :D

    Please say hello to Tokyo for me, and tell her that I miss her ♥

  3. Gotta love the nude dress, and the wedges are cool too!

    + have a great trip to japan ^_____^!

  4. Oh wow! Japan! i absolutely love your wedges!

  5. Your dress is wahoo *0* and it really suits you !
    I hope that you will enjoy your trip in Japan !
    Too lucky >o<