onsdag den 9. juni 2010

From nothing to everything

I thought I'd do a before/after picture of me with make-up. On my face at the same time. To see the difference.
I must say that I am very surprised myself. I knew that there was a difference between with with or without make-up, but it is bigger than I thought.
Though, I must say I'm just happy that my skin doesn't change compleately with make-up - because I only use a concealer and not a foundation.

Haha my dad just now about the pictures:

Dad: WOAH! LIV! What happened to your face?!
Me: Uhm, it's just make-up,..?
Dad: Oh yea, I can see that now... You did half the face, all right... I get it...
Me: What did you think happened? That I was beat up or something??
Dad: -walks away mumbling randomly-

My everyday routine takes 5-7 minutes if I take it easy and 7-10 minutes if I rush - rushing makes the eyeliner's line crappy and I have to do it again.
I even out my redness at spots around my face with my concealer and even out the color under my eye. After that is eyebrows.
Then I use liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid and koln on the lower. Then I put on mascara and then my lashes. Jada jada jada. Blush + lipgloss/lipstick.
Jada jada. SO not interesting hah.


7 kommentarer:

  1. I loooooove before/after shots!
    Makeup is such an amazing thing!

    You're beautiful without makeup as well, though :D

  2. Before and after shot are amazing <3

    First I thought: wow people who spend so much time on their make up and fake eyelashes and all MUST be crazy. Seeing now it's not too hard and it does not take too much time it's nothing XD

    pretty either way <3

  3. well you don't always wear that much black, i think. it's funny cause it doesn't change you in a negative way. you look good both ways.

  4. Det ser vildt flot ud, både med og uden! Du er super god til at lægge makeup >w< synes dine fregner er vildt nuttede i øvrigt. Du er også heldig, at du har så pæn hud, at du ikke har brug for foundation og alt sådan noget. Jeg gør det også kun engang i mellem.

  5. ohh your eye make-up is amazing! i love it! <3

  6. OMG, to be honest, YOUR SUCH A NATURAL BEAUTY!! You should model, like for reals!