fredag den 28. maj 2010

Singing for hair care

Some time ago I fell in love with these girls' hair. I think it is THE best. I think there's too much going on in their outfits, but the hairrrrr. It is pure awesome. With hair like that nothing else matters.

So yea, I wanted to try making something similar. It ended up more curly in one side, but whatever. It was so wierd having so big hair, haha. People I know kept touching it too.
And I'd kept saying that it'd be no problem combing it out. But it wasn't. A LOT of hair had to be pulled out and I was so annoyed with myself. It was only one day of having that hair, and now I just want to get my precious hair back.

I don't know if you can see the boy on my shirt. But it is Peter. Yes, THE Peter. I really love Peter Pan! I kind of don't like the Disney movie anynore because I've read the book so much. It's my favourite book of all time and everytime I read it I am heartbroken for a week or more.

I watched the Eurovision Song Contest's Semi finale with my parents yesterday and alone on Tuesday. I don't love it but I like relaxing while I watch it. We do watch it every year, so it's also kind of tradition.
I said I didn't care if Denmark didn't get to the Finale, but I ended up being really nervous when 9 names had been called out and no DK. And then we were the last to come out of a envelope, haha. So I was like YESSS DENMARKKK... haha.


6 kommentarer:

  1. Looks cute on you. But sounds horrible to comb out o.x

    Woah, the second hairstyle suites you sooo well! Makes you look kinda adult :D

  2. Like Zarsu, I think the second hairstyle looks gorgeous on you. It really suits your face :D

  3. Aww, kender godt det med at prøve at redde sit hår efter en-eller anden frisure T-T eek. Du er vildt flot med begge frisurer <3

  4. det ligner mit hår efter jeg har føntørret det... It's a pain D:

    Og nr 2 frisure er bare loooove <3 Du har vildt pæne øjenbryn 8D

  5. Hooray for Peter Pan!
    It is rather bittersweet.
    Sounds like you need to read the continuation based on Barrie's own idea fore more Pan adventure: Click!


  6. ahhh second hairstyle is hot. i wanna try that too!