søndag den 27. juni 2010

Diamonds are not a girls best friend...

... make-up is.

My internet still sucks. The guys should have been here a week ago to fix it and we've still seen nothing of them. The company have told us they'll come tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I really hope they do.

This is what I used my 3 gift cards on. I bought all the stuff on the left side od the picture and then I received the purse and what it contained for free! I love freebies. It was worth 200 DKK and you got it if you bought 2 Maxfactor products. Which I did - the mascara and the orange lipstick.
I only got it because I asked if there were any left, and I got the last one. Sweet.

I think it was the longest receipt I have ever seen haha. The little one in the bottom is normal-lenghted. And the two other were my buys ahahha.

Also, I wanted to show you my mac lashes.
I know people are obsessed with number 7, which is fabulous, but I really like others too. Number 7 kind of disappears on my eyes and isn't very dramatic in that way. And I love dramatic lashes !
I've got 6, 7 and 35 and I kind of want three other pairs.


3 kommentarer:

  1. jeg elsker alt der har med MAC at gøre!!!

  2. Oohh great buys! Hahaha. make-up is a girl's best friend. so funny and soo true. Yeah, #7 isnt so dramatic on me either, but it makes other people think my lashes look naturally thick (and perfectly fanned out). hehe

  3. Everyones buying mac lashed lately. They must really be THE BEST. Have considered it, but don't know if i wanna pay that much for lashes.. Am i too jewish?

    *yoush finally it worked ; D*