tirsdag den 22. juni 2010

Another year and still gifted?

My real birthday passed. I am now 17.
Not really any WOW in that. You don't get any new rights when you turn 17. When you're 15 you may have sex, when you're 16 you may drink and then you can vote, drive and is looked upon as an adult at 18. 17 is the year that has been skipped - legally.

Almost all of my family turned up. That made my day, really. We were like 20 and sat really tight because we only just barely had room for everyone.
We had cake and fruit. The strawberries were either gigantic or super small. That one is in the gigantic category, if you were wondering.

These 2 weekends I got so many gifts. It was really crazy. Of course I'm happy, but that doesn't make it less crazy.
I got a pair of amazing wapanese shoes, a mascara, skin care stuff, homemade necklaces, some clothes (not in the picture), a cover for my PC, a dining se, a lot of well written cards and some jewelery.

Last Sunday I got a lot of things with dots. And It wasn't even planned, since none of the givers had talked about what to give me.
I still found it really cute.

I got a lot of Jane Austen DVDs, The Reader, X-men 2 and The Avengers DVD box set. There was 3000 yen fastened to the x-men 2 movie and I received 3 gift cards for MATAS (cosmetics store) and 1800 DKK in cash.

Crazy birthdays. I love my friends and family and if I should measure their love in gifts I'd say they loved me back. Just a guess though.


4 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome presents *A* And congratulations yet again :D

  2. Congratulation ! You got some really nice things :3 Hope you had an amazing day!

  3. Too lucky ! I love polka dots stufs ^-^

  4. Next week, you'll receive a present from me <3 It arrived late, so I haven't got a chance to send it to you jet ;__; And now I'll be heading for Kløften Festival~
    I MISS U <3