lørdag den 5. juni 2010

Feels like Hollywood

As promised: Pictures of my newly renovated room.
I have so much space for clothes now!! No worries about bringing to much with me from Japan now, since they'll all be able to be in either my dresser or my closets :D
I love the big flower of pictures - it is me in my 3 years of kindergarden, 10 years in primary school and some pictures of my family and I. It's funny - almost every time I bring someone new to my room they have to find me in every picture. They tell me I haven't changed a bit in all of those years. I find that kind of depressing, haha.

Those lamps are so... celebrity-like. Or something. Hollywood-like? I don't know, but they are really great at lighting up my face. So great that my brace seriously SPARKLES every time I move. And no, you're not getting any pictures of that. I feel like a total braceface when it glitters like that haha.
I am wearing a bikini because the weather is SO great! Sunshine all the way and high temperatures. So I have been laying in my garden for some hours these past two days. Tanning. I feel pale, haha.

These past months I haven't worn earrings because they were just thrown into a small bowl and I didn't want to search for that one pair I wanted to wear every morning. I love this solution. I can finally see which earrings I own.

So I don't really hate this change after all. It is actually very practical and I even like how it looks.

Now I'm going to Line's B-day party. I've spent some time on her gift, so I really hope she'll like it!!


4 kommentarer:

  1. my god your room is soo sweet.. and you have so much shoes!!!

  2. Love what you've done to your room - it looks great :D

  3. Wow awesome changes :3 love it! and where did you get the thing to your earrings?