fredag den 18. juni 2010

Examinating art

Last Tuesday some of my classmates met up for a study gropu. We didn't really get a lot done, but decided to go to both the National Gallery of Denmark and the Louisiana Museum of Art in one day. We did so Thursday and it was both fun and tiring. My legs were done for afterwards, and I had to go to work..
The National had an exhibition with and about the danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard whom have done a lot of artistic things - sacrificing a horse on a field against the Vietnam war, designing a lot of gobelins portraing the danish history for the Queen etc.

Louisiana exhibited Andy Warhol after Munch - so The Scream etc. in Warhol edition. It wasn't as exciting as I'd thought it'd be, but it was great enough. They also showed a lot of Warhol self portraits and his Marylins, Maos and Flowers.
I just realized that this is probably very confusing for people who doesn't know about art, haha...

This Wednesday was my examination. I read around 250-300 pages twice, because at the end of the first reading I couldn't remember a thing, so I decided to read it again and now take notes. I know A LOT about art now, but I'm also very tired of art ahha..
I got 12!! That is an A. I was very happy, because I didn't feel like it went all that great, but the examinator and censor was like "12 ++++!!!" haha. They thought I was splendid.

Is this art? I don't really know, but it is very nice and I like it a lot!! Woody is great.
Am I the only one who is excited about the Toy Story 3 movie?!?! :D


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  1. Det er LEGO WOODY ♥ ♥ ♥
    Og jeg er ******************* excited about Toy Story 3! Skal SÅ meget se den, når den kommer i bio.