lørdag den 19. juni 2010

Birthday kid x 2

Last Sunday I held my birthday "party" for my friends. No music or dancing involved, hence the "".
It was so much fun! Some came at 12 to go on the water (in a bout) on a sightseeing tour. I couldn't affort to invite everyone for that, so afterwards some more came to the Kings' Garden and there we hung out, ate some cake and I opened my presents. THERE WERE SO MANY OHMYGOD. It was like a mountain of presents haha.

Astrid came all the way from Jutland to celebrate me. In return I gave her some larger breast. You like? Haha. Damn, I so miss her already.

On the bout I had some candy pibes for everyone. We were sailors, rrraarr, Pirates!! Lame joke, but my guests laughed and ate them up.

I brough so much stuff. Cake, candy, chips, bottled water, a whole lot of soda, blankets to sit on in the park etc. I expected it all to disappear in my friends' stomacs, but in the end Astrid and I had to carry so much back home. We were really at our limit - one more bottle of Coke and we wouldn't have been able to get all of it back.

I had such a good time. I might not have been the greatest host, but who is ever?
It was a bit cold, but I had brought a bat and some balls so we played the danish version of baseball, called roundball, to keep warm. We weren't so many so we had to run a LOT and we all ended up sweating ahaha.

Tomorrow is my real b-day and my family will come for my second birthday party.
Last year I didn't get to have a b-day party so I wanted to enjoy the event with both friends and family this year. It was so nice to see everyone last Sunday, and surprisingly many could come. Tomorrow will be good too, I'll see some faces I haven't seen for too long.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Congrats!!
    Sound like lots of fun, and a nice idea to do something active and outdoorsy... :D

  2. Det var super hyggeligt ^^ jeg er glad for at du også hyggede dig, og kunne lide gaverne etc :3

  3. TOKIO HOTEL DUDE! haha :D

    det ser ud til I hyggede jer!

  4. Det var sådan en hyggelig dag <3 <3 <3 eller, dage, var det jo XD
    Lige da smerterne fra rundbold forsvandt.. fandt jeg ud af at vi også skulle spille rundbold til cosplay walk i går, hahaha! Damn D:
    And thank for the boobs <3

  5. Sounds like so much fun :D