torsdag den 17. juni 2010

Time passing by, the buys along the way

This week has been eventful. I read a lot for my Art exam, hosted my b-day for friends, worked and went shopping. And to think I haven't blogged about any of it!! All thanks to my crappy internet. I wanna kick it's face in, but sadly that is very hard with electronics :/
I'll start from today and then go back in time, haha.

I went to town with Line to shop. The SALE started almost everywhere today at 10, so we thought we'd go get some good stuff.
I found some pants in H&M for 40 dkk,
a marine necklace and ring in Bik Bok for 20 dkk each,
some blue star flats for 100 dkk - finally! I've been searching for flats for months now, haha - and...
my Sex and the City heels, haha. I fell drop dead in love with them the minut I saw them. I was like "nooo, it's 300 dkk and right before Japannnn" but I just couldn't not buy them.

The weather was good so I decided to wear my maxi out for the first time. People really looked at me, many with smiles on their faces, haha. Yes, summer is here guys!!
It felt so good to be walking again, because when I did all of that reading for my Art exam I sat down all day. My body adored the "excercise" even though I've been to aerobics twice this week.

Line, while trying on a bra: Oh... my... god... LIV!!
Me: Yes??
Line: This is a miracle... I might have to get a B instead of an A cup...!!
Me: Hahahahahhahah!!


8 kommentarer:

  1. Line is way too cute once in a while ♥

  2. jeg elsker virkelig den maxi kjole :D
    men jeg synes det er synd du har så mange smykker og bælter på til den. Det tager lidt det søde og enkle fra den :)

    og tillykke med fødselsdagen! (?)

  3. Your hair looks amazing, grrrrrrrrrrl!

  4. Tak Liv... tak for det meget smukke billede af mig ♥ XD

    Men uwarrgh, det var så rart at få shoppet lidt igen... og begge de skosæt du købte, var rigtig dejlige - er også glad for, at jeg endelig fik min kjole ^^ Altid hyggeligt at være sammen med dig. :3 Meeen så synes jeg lige jeg skal toppe med din kommentar i toget:

    Liv: "Aaaarh, det var rart for min numse at komme ud og gå lidt... det kan jeg mærke, at den havde brug for!"

  5. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  6. Your belt is really matching well with your dress and your hair style is perfect, I really love your style on it ! *o*