tirsdag den 2. november 2010

Coloring life

I've been doing alot of things today! I danced cha-cha-cha in PE, skipped some classes to get tickets to Harry Potter, got my new used military jacket from the post office aaaaaaand
DYED MY WIG. Haku's wig. I did it yesterday as well, but I failed then. Stupid, american tutorials that uses products that can't be purchased over here... But today it worked out and I am so happy it did. Picture is from the first coat, so it's not all done yet!

We went back to winter time now. So I've got a little more light in the mornings for the time being. But I already miss the sun. Kind of depressing. The only thing that keeps me chipper is the thought of Christmas!

Why is it that I own a whole lot of short-sleeved shirts and it's getting too cold for those! It's enough to make me grumpy.

Btw. Totally freaking out about Harry Potter. The next movie is so close. I can almost touch it!


6 kommentarer:

  1. Lucky you! I wanna watch Hp7 SO BAD!! I love your military jacket and your hair in the first pic of you. <3

  2. Fuck you. I want tickets too :( But I gotta wait to watch the movie for a while, gah!

    I'm very excited to see your Haku cosplay, you're going to be perfect <3 <3 <3

  3. YOU DYED A WIG?! Crazyyyyyyy. Can't wait to see your Haku <3

    Big hair looks ridiculously cute on you.

  4. din paryk ligner lidt noget fra en person der ikke har vasket hår i like 2 uger :P

  5. Det lykkedes at farve din paryk ??? OMG, det er altså voldsomt D;

    Elsker dit outfit, men det er så ærgeligt at vejret er koldt så det meste af ens tøj bare ikke kan bruges

  6. LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!! Aw, I wanna get tickets, too, but that weekend I'm at the Gorillaz koncert in Berlin (>.<) and I can't watch it without my sister!!!
    Wooh, winter...yes...oh.... christmas and my sun-lamp are those things that get me going ^^