torsdag den 25. november 2010

Dazzling guru

Generally I hate winter. I hate the cold winter brings forth. But when it snows it's like everything changes. What was so dark before lights up and it all seems so refreshing and magical. When I was small I really did believe snow to be magic, but by now I've learned how it is created in school - which is actually kind of sad. Less magical now.

The thing I love the most about snow is the fact that it makes me fall into a Christmas-y mood. And if there's something I love it's x-mas. The way snow glitters also have a dazzling effect on me.

I wore some of my new stuff today. That's the best about shopping - you get to wear the items you get the next day! My boots are kind of not meant for snow, haha, but somehow I always use them when it's snowing. I almost fell one time. My heart always skips several beats at such times.

I went to watch "Eat pray love" with my mother today. Julia Roberts is kind of "our thing". I think the first not-for-kids movie I saw was Notting Hill. I was probably like 4 years old the first time. And ever since then my mother and I have seen all the movies, she's been in, together. So of course we had to see this one as well. And with my dad in London for some days we had the perfect opportunity.

The movie's about this woman, Liz, who gets a hand-reading while she's in Bali. The man tells her that she will soon loose all of her money and maybe her marriage. 6 months later she is divorced and gave all her belongings to him in order of him signing the papers. She is very depressed and ends up taking a year off to go to Rome to eat, to India to pray to her guru and to Bali to study at the man whom read her hand/love.

It's not a very complicated movie. But it was better than I had thought. I liked to see Julia in a more grown-up role. She's not trying to be younger than she is in this movie, and I really like that.

Oh gawd guys. 13 people commented my last post in 1 day. You are sick. Much love from here.


4 kommentarer:

  1. Do you live in England then? If it's snowy that might be a giveaway :L

    I keep freezing to death just walking to school in the UK XD

    Love the outfit ^3^

  2. Jeg læste Eat, Pary, Love bogen. Den er virkelig god. Hvis man forstår den. Er jeg sikker på nogle ikke gør ;D
    Men den er god, og har man brug for noget med lidt dybde, så skulle man læse den :D
    Har ikke set filmen, og ved ikke om jeg tør.. (hvis den skuffer bravt i forhold til bogen) men det kommer nok 8D

  3. Sne, sne, SNE OVERAAALLTLTTLLT ahgsoaugnciaumhiuw <3
    Det er sådan jeg har det lige nu, hahahha. Men jeg kan nu godt forstå dig :( Når det er vinter og der ikke er noget sne, men bare vinter, så bliver det lidt trist.

    Og som altid, så ser du jo bare fantastisk ud <3

  4. I love snow - even though it's cold and wet!

    I also love the way you coordinated the shirt - so cuuute ;u;