tirsdag den 30. november 2010

Farming in the UK

Guess what? The sickness that I've had in my body for the past two months has finally broken all out - until now I'd been able to suppress it. The funny thing is that I've been so busy/stressed out and it's probably only because I willed myself not to be sick that I've been able to keep it down.

Friday's outfit. When I left home in the morning I was wearing my fur tail though. I was stolen from me while I was walking on the street, going home from my braces dentist appointment. I know it was stolen because at one point I knew I had it because a fashion-dude looked at it and then smiled. I then took it in my hand and smiled back. 10 seconds later I noticed it was gone and it was not lying at the ground. Sad much.

For the first time I attended a party at my school. Also Friday.
It was themed so that the 3rd graders went as kings and queens, the 2nd graders as peasants and the 1st graders as slaves or animals. But no one really went as traditional "peasants". We just went in a more farmer-like way. So there was a whole lot of checkered shirts, haha.
I have no idea why I'm wearing a crown in this pic... It was fun enough with dancing, talking and watching drunk people!

Months ago I was photographed with Yin and Stine when we went to the Fashion Week's catwalk-thing. And we searched but didn't find the photo. Until now - and it's probably been online for ages. So funny.


7 kommentarer:

  1. Haha, liv, you are a wicked, wonderful girl ;3
    Dare I say your english themed outfit reminds me of the spice girls?

  2. Love your Friday outfit :D But it suuuuucks that you're sick :( Get better soon!!

  3. Stadig forarget over ham tyven altså, haha.
    Dit outfit er super cute! God bedring <3

  4. Your outfit was so fun looking! I can't believe someone stole your fur tail though! I would be soooo sad. :(

  5. that thief, I'm still angry that someone can get themselves to do that :(
    And the farmer-outfit, aww <3 You look so cute with the crown and the look on your face!

  6. Love love looovee your hair and outfit <3 <3 <3

  7. I cant believe someone took your tail!! How horrible :(

    and also, I wish farmers in the UK were as stylish as you haha XD