mandag den 22. november 2010

Yee-ha! Cowgirl Jessie saves the day!

This Saturday and Sunday Collectormania Copenhagen 2 was held! It's organized mainly by some nice british people who have their own Collectormania in the UK. Last year the first one here in CPH was held and I liked that very much. So of course I had to participate this year as well.
And yes, that is me with David Prowse (Darth Wader), Kenny Baker (R2D2) and Jeremy Bullock (Boba Fett).

It was held at the same place at J-popcon last weekend. Really getting tired of that location now, haha. The picture shows the main room, where the dealers had their shops and the movie stars signed pictures etc. but there was also another room, where the talks and workshops were held.

I finished my Jessie for this. I made the final things Friday - the hat, a new buckle for my belt and my pull string. If you click the image it will become larger and you'll be able to see my pull string. I had memorized a lot of the stuff the Talking Jessie doll can say just in case people pulled my string - and some did. And then I had to go yodeling or say my lines, haha.
Rikke was fabulous as Padme!!

A lot of my friends came by. Mainly because a whole lot of us are members of "Filmheltenes Klub" (The movie heroes' club) and we had a booth at the con. It was quite nice because I got to talk to a lot of them and not just the usual 4.

Saturday I was Jessie while some of the girls were Harley, the Joker and that-creepy-thing-from-Saw(?). Kit (Joker)'s brother was from Avatar and his weapons were soo good! Made of wood and absolutely homemade.
The picture shows our booth.

The club taught a workshop about bullwhipping. I was the one Klaus used to show what he could to with a whip. He could make it go around me (second picture) multiple times until it had spinned me really close to him. It was crazy!! I tried to crack it, but failed miserable. Which is really lame since I should be really good at stuff like that as Jessie.

Nadja and Ariellah went as Roxy and Kim from Scott Pilgrim! "It's only closet cosplays" they kept saying with sad faces. But I loved them, haha! So much win.

Sunday we - the club - took a picture. I wore my Toy Story kigu instead of the cosplay. I only went there for some hours Sunday though. I lost an auction where I could have brought Fred's and Georges' autographs with me home. I was really down, but now I'm just happy that my friend Abena won it - that way I can look at it from time to time.

Being nerdy is so much fun, haha.


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  1. Kristine.

    Så var din weekend nok lige lavet af awesome. Heldige dig, det så ud som om det var rigtig hyggeligt :D! <3

  2. OMG! Hvor lyder det awsome! Hvorfor vidste jeg ikke noget om det? Jeg kunne have joinet i mit falkepige "kostume" og nørdet med xD

    Må hænge ud inde på filmheltenes klub, kan bare ikke huske mit brugernavn ^^;

  3. EJ dit Jessie cosplay er altså vildt awesome, specielt nu med hat og snor! Fuck, hvor nice :D
    Vidste slet ikke at Collectormania fandtes.. men det lyder rigtig hyggeligt! :D og lol ja, kan godt forstå at du er lidt træt af at rende rundt i DGI byen nu, haha!

  4. OMG det billede nr. 11 just made my day xD You look kinda scared and thrilled with excitement at the same time haha! AND OMG SOKKA COSPLAY <3 And the Roxy and Kim cosplays are nice too ;A;

  5. Your Jessie is PERFECT! And awesome that you met so many actors ö Even though they're creepy old men now, haha.

    The picture where the cowboy catches you..I LOVE IT :'D You look soo cute, hahaha!