fredag den 19. november 2010

Passionate snow

It's the first snow of the year! I woke up after getting to bed around 5 PM and got up around 6 AM. Aaah, I needed all that sleep. I was so wasted after going to school and watching HP7 again.
I just had to take some photos. And I'm really happy I did! Because it's not snowing anymore and a lot of the snow has already disappeard. It's still damned cold though.

I finally got to wear my army printed winter coat! It's really warm - hence me not wearing it before today. I bought it in Japan at a flea market for 500 yen. It was three dudes selling a bunch of clothes. And I didn't want to sound too eager when asking for the price - I must have sounded so wierd because I tried my best to seem casual, haha.

And it's kind of my dream coat. Some years back I saw a whole lot of the characters in B.O.D.Y wearing those type of winter coats and I just loved them. Ahhh I love that series, the manga-ka has a really nice fashion sense!

Also I found this via MuggleNet:

Off Moviefone Blog.

I thought it really interesting. I myself was a big Twilight fan two years ago. I watched the first movie 11 times... Jesus. But it died out pretty quickly. Whereas Potter will always remain interesting for me. Potter is just so much more mature. Which also showed at the midnight premiere - people didn't cream because "EDWARD IS SOOOOO HOT" but because the effects were truly mesmerizing and the story well put on screen.


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  1. Helt enig mht. til Twilight-Harry Potter. Frygtede lidt, at folk ville sidde og hyle op til Harry Potter. Til gengæld, sad de og fnisede og sådan noget, da Harry smed tøjet, og der, hvor "de onde" Hermione og Harry kysser. Akavet, pinligt, og virkelig irriterende! Har folk ikke en grænse? Buh.

    Er helt vild med den der buksedragt. Hvordan for du tid til at gøre dig så fin? Står også op kl. 6, men føler slet ikke at jeg har tid til at gøre så meget ud af mig selv!

  2. When I woke up this morning Aalborg was covered in snow :'D So pretty. But cold.
    Your army jacket is SOOO cool!!