mandag den 15. november 2010

Long j-popcon

The weekend is over! And it wasn't just any weekend... It was the weekend of J-popcon! J-popcon is the biggest anime/manga convention in Denmark and is held here in Copenhagen. This year was my 7th time going - christ I was small the first time I went. This year they had changed venue - bigger and better, in my opinion.

This was Friday's outfit. Outfit pic by Sascha. The face shot was actually taken while trying to take the picture below. And we all laughed when it actually turned out pretty great!

The new venue was better, but it also made the whole con a lot more confusing. It became harder to locate the event rooms and you never really knew where the toilets were. But overall it was better than the last venue - they should just have printed a map of the grounds in the conhon.

My dear friend Sascha arranged a lolita fashion show and 32 models got around to take their turn a the stage. The crowd was massive and it was a huge succes. I never really wear lolita and Sascha just brought me some of her clothes to wear.
It was great fun to participate! I never feel uncomfortable in loli when I do the fashion show (I've done it two times before) because it's almost like cosplaying for me. I really am no loli, haha.

Astrid slept at my place. She has done so for the past conventions and it's always really nice to wake up with someone and get ready together. It's also feels better to be with someone when you're in the train with your cosplay on! I wub you, Astrid!

Saturday I went as Haku. It was kind of wierd not being glomped from all sides - this is what I had been expecting since Spirited Away is such a known movie. But not many seemed to regognize me. Still it was awesome to wear and really comfy! I could wear it 24-7 if I had to, haha!

Mie was SUCH an amazing Madame Red. She sow this cosplay for this con, while Astrid made her Grell for j-popcon last year. They looked so good together. And then I came and ruined their redness, being blue and stuff.
Picture is by Ali, the greatest photographer! He really manage to bring out the person, not the character, when he shoots. Crazy.

Doing the protecting-Chihiro pose with Astrid as Grell as Chihiro. Haha, lame. Photo by Sascha love.

The stage and theatre was so big! The last years the room have been so crowded and hot and it was really nice to have air to breath. Also - they added a screen on the side. This was used for showing small introductions with the cosplayers before their acts kind of like in Melodi Grand Prix. It was really neat!

My friends Abena and Sørine won the trip to Japan to participate in the World Cosplay Summit! After watching the cosplay show I knew they HAD to win, but I still cried so much when it was announced. I got Abena to cry as well, haha. Evil friend, I know. I'm so damn proud of them. I also love that I now have a piece of their cosplay (my fake bangs from Friday's outfit).

I finally got around to take some instant pictures with the Fujifilm camera I bought in Japan (that I have not told you guys about). Here is Abena with one of the girls and I.

Sunday it was time for some action. Mie and I came as Kim Possible and Shego and people went crazy. Really. I've never tried having so many people coming up to me for pictures and they were all so taken by our cosplays. It was quite an experience.

Sascha took a lot of amazing photos of us. Really. I can't put into words how much I appreciate her willingness to do photoshoots.

Kristine loves KP as much as the two of us. And she wanted a "Disney picture" with us. So cute, haha. My panties are showing D: the pants were a bit too large - but Kim's pants are like that...

After the ending ceremoni I went to wagamama to eat with some girlies. It was a very nice way to end the con and get some proper food in the stomach. That's really always the last of your worries at a con. You just wanna have fun.

Abena's dad was a sweetheart and gave be a ride home afterwards. Bonus!

This years' J-pop was the best I have had in 3 years. It still wasn't awesome but I'll still have a lot of fabulous memories from this con. Thanks to all for making it wonderful!

Long post is long.... sorry guys.


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  1. It was really nice reading this blog, since I didn't show up to J-popcon this year. Great pictures, great cosplays, great blog entry ;D

    I wish I had went now, haha D:

  2. Wow, super fabulous post!! I really love your Kim Possible & Haku cosplay, really GOOD!!!! <3 Unfortunately I have not yet watched Spirited Away. :(

    Ahhh, I haven't gone to an Anime convention in years. It makes me feel nostalgic, I want to go now. T_T

  3. Haha, jeg er i Livs blog. Faaaame ;D!
    Hold op din blog om J-popcon er nice man og kan kun erklære mig enig. Den sparkede røv i forhold til de andre år. Dine cosplays var super mega foxy awesomme og det er du også ;D
    Det var super skønt at se dig igen <3

  4. I love love love the KP cosplay, it was just amazing !

    Tak for en af de bedst cons jeg har prøvet, du gjorde den bestemt osse mindeværdig <3

  5. Liiv Winkelmannnnn, mød mig, ring mig, det gør ingenting nej, sms er osse helt ok, så kommer jeg gerne babyyy <3

  6. 32! <3

    Høhø var så fedt at cosplaye sammen med dig, og chancerne for jeg kommer til svs er nu 90% for <3

  7. Haha opdagede først nu at vi har den samme kjole/tank top X'D

    Go Kim-piii~!!! ;D

  8. I'm really not surprised so many people wanted to take pictures of you guys as Kim Possible characters. You look EXACTLY like the cartoon! CRAZZYY! Really well done :3

  9. AAARGH!! I wanted to be there SO bad!!! You look great in your cosplays. I've wanted to do that KP cosplay for sooo long, just never got to it :<

    btw, the bangs suits you freakishly good!
    love <3

  10. I love your Kim cosplay soooo much *-* And thanks for participating in the fashion show :D