søndag den 28. november 2010

Pact of icicles

There has never ever been so much snow so early. At least not in my life - and I heard a Falck-rescuer say that he hadn't either in his 26 years at the job.
Those icicles are about 1 meter in length and is right outside our windows. I was so afraid they were going to fall down when I was taking pictures, haha.

Today I took a long walk with my parents and my semi-uncle and aunt. I thought it would be sooo cold, but it was actually just refreshing. I ended up having traces of snow on my thighs, that's how tall the snow was out in our local "forest".

We weren't the only ones out in the white. A lot of people were taking a walk with their dog or went slegding. The sign says "Biking not permitted". I looked at the sign close up and it actually looked like it was the cold that made it brake.

I can't remember the last time I've seen a blue sky when it's snowing. Usually whereever you look is just plain white.

Cute little boy, all covered in clothing. I really liked the fact that he was on a old-style slegde and not one of those plastic creatures.

Today is the first Advent Sunday. My parents gave me last year's christmas tv-series calender called Pagten. It's amazing and I can't wait to watch one episode every day!

Did you guys get some stuff for the first Advent??


7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh wow, the snow looks so beautiful! I have never actually seen snow yet in my sad 20 years of life. :( Where I live doesn't snow unless I'm up in the mountains. </3 BUT, I'd be really scared of that icicle. XD

    Thanks for the pictures! It makes me feel all the more excited to finally snow hopefully soon!

  2. Blue sky in this winter wonderland? Looks amazing!

  3. Helt fantastiske billeder! Det giver virkelig stemning!

  4. Oh Liv I love reading your blog!! I'm from Canada so it's interesting reading about whats going on over there :D

    I love all the pictures <3 Snow is so beautiful.