søndag den 31. oktober 2010

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

Happy Halloween guys! I had the greatest Halloween last night. I went to Ariellah's 18th birthday and she insisted that her guests wore costumes. I had gone for devil once again but changed my mind in the morning. And when I went to Louise's place to dress up with Stella, I ended up looking like this:

If you're all toally blank and can't see who I am, I'm a Roy Lichtenstein girl. It took me fricking 90 minutes to do the makeup. It's all lipstick and eyeliner, haha. I went for this look because I gave Ariellah a Lichtenstein-inspired Star Trek painting.
People could actually regognize me. Though only one mentioned Roy Lichtenstein's name, a lot of people were like: "You're... that girl... The one you always see in pop art..." That really came as a surprise for me and made me so happy.

It was really nice having someone to dress up with. And great not having to go to the party alone all wierd-looking.

Left is the darling, the b-day girl, and right is the sweet, dead Stella. Yeah, sorry honny, no blood in that drink.

We started off at Ariellah's sister's appartment and then went to the club NASA afterwards. I had thought that a lot of people would come in ordinary clothing, but actually everyone had dressed up! So great, yet surprising.

Ariellah's in love with sci-fi and NASA is much like a space ship so the location was perfect for her party. It was raining outside so the first thing we all did was visit the cool bathroom at the club.

Can you believe that Sty actually made that mask from scratch?! Crazy man. Me looking compleatly wasted on the right, haha.

I really had a fabulous night. It was a blast and my make-up didn't go all red on me - which was fantastic until I had to spend almost an hour getting it off my face back home.
We talked a lot, laughed a lot and DANCED a lot:

Seriously... So proud of this picture, the colorssssss...

It was really hot and my wig kept slipping off and I didn't wanna go to the bathroom to put it on again all the time, so it got pretty messed up from dancing. And when I saw this photo I just took it right off, haha. When the real hair shows itself, it's time to loose the wig hair.

Stine, Nina and a representative of me.


8 kommentarer:

  1. Whooaaa, your costume was insanely awesome~ really creative! Looked like you had a blast!! :D

  2. Your costume was so original, it was really awesome :D You could really see the effort that was put into it, it totally rocked!

  3. holy carp liv ! thats amazing

  4. these are some awesome costumes!
    really, your costume is amazing!! <3

  5. HAHAHHAHA; pga. wiggen, troede jeg du var klædt ud som Sally Sand med mæslinger xD men synes det var RIGTIG mange mæslinger, så måtte lige kigge en ekstra gang, HØHØ :B

  6. Du skulle næsten have vundet en pris, det der er jo sygo! *______*
    Det ser ud til at have været en fantastisk aften :D

  7. Your outfit looks way too cool :D Must have been such a big pain to do the makeup, haha. And I can't even imagine how it must've been to party with a long wig :(

    Love all the creative outfits people wore! Ari's horns are WAY TOO AWESOME!

  8. Fantastiske billeder <3 det var en rigtig hyggelig aften.. det må man gøre noget oftere! Jfashion people out and about, haha