torsdag den 18. november 2010

A night of scars

I got back home from a fabulous night in the wizarding world around half past 3. I went with Emil but a lot of our friends was also in there. Imperial is said to be the biggest cinema in all of Scandinavia and it's always awesome to see a Potter movie on that big screen.
The cinema staff had decorated the place pretty nicely. Imperial always does that stuff ! Emil is holding our tickets btw. He was jumping up and down of eagerness to watch the movie. Well, I was too.

I didn't wanna go all out with costumes and stuff so I just came HP inspired. I did my nails in the train on my way, haha, so excuse the bad state their in.
A lot of people came dressed up and that was very fun to look at. But it became much more fun when the movie started. It's tradition that you're allowed to scream and shout all you want for the midnight showing and boy, we did so scream. Along with everyone else.

My friends Kit and Marie, haha. Being all happy.

The opening was so quiet. I had goosebumps all over and I could hear Emil holding his breath. It was very intense. The movie had begun.
I think it was actually a rather slow start. But I really liked it. Half an hour into the movie you still had the feeling that it'd only just started. And let me say: It is not a long movie. Critics have said that it feels sooo long, but I disagree. There were a long way to the next action scene, yes, but that only made the tension more extreme.
I've heard that the trio would only be on the run for some days instead of the months in the book. And I was raging over it. But I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case.

What I do find extremely annoying is the fact that they have put some scenes in the script, which were not in the books. And then they keep on taking important little details out! Like the shard of the mirror Harry's always carrying around - the one Sirius gave him - that has not been introduced in the other movies! So for people who haven't read the books they won't understand the mirror at all, because they have yet to receive an explanation about it.

The girl's t-shirt says, amongst other things: "I'm a bigger Harry Potter fan than you".

And talking about made-up scenes. There is a dancing scene with Harry and Hermione after Ron has left them. It is the worst piece of **** I have ever watched. Seriously, I don't know what they were thinking when deciding to put that in the movie. It takes up a lot of time and is not something you needed for the story to go on. It's just misplaced and akward.

Take a look at the Draco in the background. Dude, I wasn't taking a pcture of you, you don't need to smile at me, haha!

The effects are AMAZING. At some points we just looked at each other with wide eyes, mouthing "O-M-G". The scene where they destroy the Horcrux locket is especially explosive. Even thought I had looked forward to see the eyes in the pendant and that didn't happen in the movie, I really loved the film version! It's crazy. Also, look forward to see the tale of the three brothers! They've made it damn wicked. Those two scenes are probably my favorites. Yeah, definitely.
Creauture and Dobby are better animated than ever before and it's a pleasure to watch their movements - they really look real.

Malfoy Manor and the Ministry of Magic is so neat, the surroundings they've filmed the trio on the run in are magnificent and Bathilda Bagshot is really just repulsive.

I teared up twice, but Emil still holds the record... so funny.

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  1. Der hvor jeg var inde og se den, troede folk det var en eller anden tøse hygge aften. Der blev råbt "Det er Snapes" og spoilet - Wtf? Jeg har selv læst bogen, men DET KAN SKE at der sidder folk der ikke har! Blev jeg lidt irriteret over.

    Men i alt en meget god film! Synes danse scenen var meget hyggeligt, men blev til akavet til sidst. Sluttede på en underlig måde! Men scenen hvor Bellatrix snitter i Hermiones arm - LOVE IT! Fed detalje!

  2. Ahhh, I'm excited to watch it now! Honestly, I've never gone to opening night because... I'm intimidated. XD But looks like you had a lot of fun!!

    Draco is smiling at you because you're hot. ;D

  3. I was satisfied 8D And it was great seeing you guys there!

  4. I frikin' hate u right now :((( I WANT TO GO WATCH IT. BUT I HAVE TO WAIT. WAIT FOR SO LONG. damn. I'll just read the books now ok.

    LIV. It sounds like it was a very nice night <3

  5. Haha, elsker dette indlæg :D lyder til at have været en vildt fed aften! Mange sjove freaks ser det ud til også XD
    Dine negle er awesome! Tema ftw. Nu glæder jeg mig næsten lidt til selv at se filmen efter at have læst dette :D

  6. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.