lørdag den 19. februar 2011

When art meets friends

I went to ARKEN with two of my good friends from my prior high school. We all had art together last year and went to some museums and different exhibitions together - also outside of school. And now we thought we'd do something like it again!

I had already seen some of the works out there from my last visit with my parents (you recognize Olafur Eliasson's art?) but they'd added two new art collections that I hadn't seen before. I also didn't mind at all seeing the pieces again.

We drove out there. We DROVE. Both of them have had their driving licenses for about a year but I still can get used to it, haha. Here in DK you can get your license when you're 18 years old. It just looks sooo weird to see friends of mine behind the wheel!

I really loved these pieces! The colours are so... completely other-worldly. The artist is Tilo Baumgärtel and I'm definately going to research more about his works!

This mirror SPIRAL was cool! We got so dizzy from walking in there though. It was pretty small but we spend a lot in there - the dizziness had us walking reaaaaal slow!

Haha, retards !!

There's allllways a bigger fish. Or is it camel? Or lamp?

Yes, you saw correctly. That is real butterflies. It took us quite some time to figure that out! You had to stand really close to be able to tell...
I had such a good day !


5 kommentarer:

  1. Cirkel tingen var på Aros sidste år :D Du har ret man bliver så rundtosset når man går inde i den xD

  2. Awwh, sounds like a great time! And I love the mirror-spiral thingy - I saw it last year in ARoS. It's soooooo cool :D

  3. det er SÅ mærkeligt at folk kan køre bil...

  4. Meget hyggelig tur! Lidt overforbrug af billeder men det er kun dejligt! Jeg glæder mig til en anden god gang:)