søndag den 20. februar 2011

Hanging with friends from ears

Aaaaah, the winter break is coming to an end... last day! Tomorrow = back to school.

AAAAH IT'S JUSTIN BIEBERRRRR. How' you doing? *insert derp face*
I hung out with Louise-darling and we went shopping. And found Bieber in H&M. I swear I will laugh my ass off the first time I see someone wearing this...

We went t0 MONKi. And I went into their dressing rooms for the first time! I could not help but think of Yayoi Kusama's "The Gleaming Lights of the Souls", mirror-room that felt like being in space - it was up at Louisiana Museum of Art last year.

See the resemblance?
I bought a 4-colours striped maxi dress for 30 DKK. So cheap! If you look behind me in the upper pictures you may see it, haha.

It was good to see Louise. She's going to her final exams these days so she's been covered in studious reading and haven't been able to get together. Best of luck honey!

Haha, I used to have nothing in the same colour as my earrings. Now I have these gorgeous pumps !


8 kommentarer:

  1. Du er meget meget pæn at kigge på <3

  2. You look amazing! Hope you had lots of fun ♥

    I love your eye makeup it looks beautiful!

  3. Ej, giv mig lige et link på de pumps! er ret vild med dem ;D

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. Why is it even possible to buy a Justin Bæver shirt?!!? Ahahaha, that's hilarious!
    Looks like you two gorgeous girls had a great time :D

    And your outfit is super cute! + I love how much your darker hair-ends are showing in those outfit pics *Q*

  5. Åååh, den T-shirt ikk? Pure love <3

    Tak, kun én dag tilbage nu <3 <3

    Du får købt de flotteste ting lige for tiden :3

  6. I loooove your outfit, so gorgeous!