onsdag den 16. februar 2011

Super-sized chocolate

The past 3 years I've done something Valentiny (giving chocolates to friends, girl-dates) and the fact that I didn't this year actually made me kind of sad. So I decided to make some late Valentine chocolates!

I used soooo much chocolate and it looks to me like a whole bunch of it just went and disappeared, haha. But the chocolate does look cuter when it's shaped in a heart !

I made some with nuts, some with biscuit, some with those pink heart-shaped thingies - that was an experient, and it compleately failed haha, they were supposed to stay on the top and look nice - and some with crunch.

Today I went to watch "Gulliver's Travels" with Alex.
It's just a modern version of the good old tale we all (kind of) know. I found the movie to be funny, but far from brilliant in any way - not good, but not bad either.
I loved the act that there was a Prince reference in it - KISS was used - and some other good points. But it's really a movie you could just as well see while sitting in your couch at home.

But Jack Black is never NOT funny, right?

I'm going to a friend's place now. Bringing some chocolates for us to enjoy!!


4 kommentarer:

  1. Syntes du fik et super flot resultat ud af de chokolader <3

    De ser i hvert fald gode ud :D

  2. Oh thos choclates look sooooo nice!!

  3. chokolade hjerter .. iiiih nuttet ~ ♥

  4. You didn't even make the chocolate yourself - y u b so lazy!? ;) ♥ Heart-shaped chocolate is the cutest ever! Just a shame that so much good Marabou was wasted on noooothiiiiiiinggggg :(