søndag den 6. februar 2011

Frying pans! Who knew, right?!

I went to watch Tangled with Rikke this Friday. We watched it in English because I've come to the point where I wanna see the original voices.
So basically Tangled is about a princess whom is born with magical hair. Then there's this old woman who wants to use these magical powers to remain young - so she steals the baby princess and place her in a tower, far away from everything. Each year on the princess' birthday, lanterns are lit and sent to the sky and by the age of 18, Rapunzel wants to see them for herself so she gets Flynn Rider to take her to the city.

Upon first seeing the trailer I was terribly disappointed. I had heard that the Rapunzel-movie would be drawn like The Princess and the Frog was. So the fact that it was animated was a huge let-down. And then all of that hair kung-fu! I was not eager to see more of that, haha.
Also, Rikke and me had both thought the style to be very Dreamworks-y.

10 minutes into the movie I sighed with relief though. It is just so Disney, not some horrible attempt to copy Dreamworks.
And there was almost no hair-action! Which I loved.
I was very pleased with the movie. I snorted a lot (because it was fun, but not fun enough to laugh about) and laugh utterly out loud a couple of times.

I didn't much care for the characters though. Rapunzel acts like a child, the evil "mom" is just so stereotypical and Flynn is... a little boring. At least when you compare him to Aladdin!
Before watching the movie, I had talked with a lot of friends about the fact that Flynn looks like Tulio from "The Road to El Dorado" and seemed to act like Miguel. I actually still thinks this... Perhaps?

This scene was very beautiful. The colours and all were very harmonious. But the song was a little too much, haha. We couldn't stop ourselves from laughing a little because the two of them have voices that don't really go together.
Otherwise I loved the music - even though the lyrics weren't fantastic. Alan Menken never fails, does he?

Saturday I had a movie-marathon with 4 classmates. And by the looks of the picture above I asume you've already guessed it was a Star Wars one. We watched the entire saga. Yes, 13 hours of film.
We started with Episode 4 - Alas, we saw the old movies first. Which was a smart move, because we probably wouldn't have wanted to put Episode 6 on at 2 AM.
We were done at 4. I think all of us had taken a 10 minute nap during the marathon at some point, but I think it's crazy that we actually did it!
Now I can tick that off my list of what I must have done before I die.

On another note: Aaarh, Natalie Portman is so damn gorgeous in Episode 1. And this particular look has haunted me ever since I watched the movie for the first time. I've got a bunch of child drawings packed down somewhere all depicting her in this get-up.


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  1. Syntes tangled er god <3

    Det lyder så vildt at I kunne holde så langt et marathon. Men det lyder som en god dag/aften/nat alligevel <3