mandag den 7. februar 2011

Fleeing fashion

I actually did one more kind of big thing this weekend. I went to the fashion flea! It's a flea market that is held every fall and autumn during the fashion weeks in Copenhagen. I've never attended before and didn't really think it would be huge in any way - the home page said there would be about 100 stalls and that's not that humongous.
I didn't think there would come many people either. But as you can see there was a long queue when we (Rikke and I) arrived 10 minutes after the opening at 10 AM.

And it was very big on the inside! All the stall owners had brought so MUCH. I've never seen that many pre-owned shoes (didn't see any that fit my tastes though) or brand items. I saw the most beautiful Louis Vuitton jacket but it was still way too expensive, haha. Sad-making much.

I did buy some other sweet things though. A necklace, a tee and some pants. Aaaand I bought this baby pink trench coat! And it was 40 DKK only. Never used before, as far as I can tell! Luckyyy - since I've been wanting one of these for quite some time. It was originally a bit large around my chest and was 10 cm longer, but I just made a few alterations with the buttons etc. Now it looks so good compared to before.
I used under 100 DKK all in all. That is very well done, I'd say. Especially since the pants had cost over 1700 DKK and I got them for 15 kroner!

The coat has this super cute lining too! I'm very happy that I purchased this - now it just has to get a few degrees warmer so that I can wear it! It can probably keep me warm when it's about 5 degrees or so.


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    Do want that coat <3


  3. the coat is just too sweet!

  4. SOOOOOO CHEAP!!!!!!! Especially the pants. Oh my gosh! The coat is cute btw :D

  5. super cute!! it's baby pink!! sooo cute!!

    hahaha >.< i think i need a coat that is 10 times thicker if it's 5degrees~ i hate cold~!