lørdag den 12. februar 2011

Wuthering heights

The weather this past week has been crazy. We started of with a storm on Tuesday that reached hurricane strength and therefore knocked one of the trees in my garden down. And then the snow came yesterday - 5 days too early.
The storm was pretty wild. I couldn't sleep all night and the tree's fall woke me when I finally slept soundly. But we've never experienced anything like this in the 10 years we've lived in our house... we were startled to say the least. But then my awesome uncle came and chopped up the tree in 15 minutes - so fast! And we're very relieved that only the fence was harmed.

Besides the chock of a fallen tree... I bought some heels last Monday on eBay! They arrived today and boy, do I love them! I think I'll be able to wear them with almost anything because they're so simple...
They were so much fun to take photos of because of the sparkly-ness!

Easy way to looooooooong legs, haha.

On Wednesday I went with Louise to Cheap Monday to buy some cheap jeans - yeah, sorry for not going Monday, that would have made the gimmick so much better - because they have a pretty big sale going on atm. We both bought two pairs. Finally - I've got some skinny black jeans!!

And to end the entry... I'm on break from school now! The winter holiday started yesterday and I'm so happy about it! I seriously needed a break from all the stress.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Omg, RIP old tree :(
    I'm such a lazy ass - I didn't have any problems sleeping through the "storm".

  2. these shoes are freaking awesome!

  3. omg, here has been a terrific storm also. an advertising panel broke on my street :\

    fab shoes <3

  4. Ei, det var så sygt at Jeres træ væltede ! Godet der kun skete noget med hegnet <3

    OMG, de sko er SÅ nice ! Virkelig flotte, de klæder dit ben, kan man sige et XD ?

    Tak for i onsdags btw :3