torsdag den 24. februar 2011

Tasty oscar

Don't this just look tasty? This was last night's fabulous dessert! My mom and I was left all by ourselves since my dad went to the cinema. So we decided to eat chocolate strawberries, so he would envy us when he returned, haha.

Seriously, they were delicious. Not at all sour! At this season they ought to had been sour, but instead they were so sweet.

Welcome back snow. I have not missed you AT ALL.

Well, the Oscars are coming up! And let me tell you - I am very excited. It's gonna be so much fun. So of course I try to watch all the movies nominated and this Monday I went to watch 127 hours...

AUCH! Aaron is out on a private one-person x-treme adventure and falls down a crack and gets his arm stuck under a verrrry heavy stone. He's low on supplies and has no communication with the outside world. Days go by - will he survive?
It was all right. Neither good nor bad. But I didn't know it was a true story! It kind of puts the whole movie into perspective...


4 kommentarer:

  1. I hate the strawberries you can buy right now - they taste of nothing at all :( Just water. I miss summer and danish, tasty strawberries ü

  2. Weird stuff man... Scary movie :c

    Strawberries <3

  3. Syntes det var en ret vild film..! Og James Franco har sgu gjort det godt! ;)