mandag den 14. februar 2011

Incredibly obvious

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you spent the day with lovers and/or loved ones !
I myself spent the day in bed. Sick again. Yes, very sucky. I watched some romantic movies with my mom though and that was very nice.

I'm not really sleepy so I think I'll squeeze one more movie in before bed time. And yes, that'll be Moulin Rouge. It's been too long since I saw it last - probably because I only have it on VCR and therefore have to go through a little rub before I can watch it. Gotta prepare for some crying, haha!

The horrible giggle-picture only made it here because it's all right to be horribly gigglish and girly on Valentine's. Right?!? .... Riiight....

I hope you all had an awesome day - regardless if you celebrated Valentine's or not.

Kisses and love from me to you all.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I... LOVE! your T-shirt! :D :D

    and happy Valentine's day to you too <3

  2. Flotte jeans <3

    Happy Valentine's day, lidt sent :D

  3. Awwh, sad to hear that you're sick again :c Get better soon!
    But sounds nice with some "quality" mother-daughter time ;D

    I can't remember ever seeing all of Moulin Rouge - 'cause I'm girly like that 8D

  4. Glædelig valentins forsinket dag din dejlige steg <3
    Håber den fik dig til at tude og at du har det bedre ;D
    Hilsen Kristine

  5. You look so cute in those pictures. I love your t-shirt!

    Haven't seen moulin rouge in ages, but i get that song from the picture stuck on my brain all the time. ALL YOU NEED IS LOOOVE

    Get well soon :( <3