søndag den 27. februar 2011

Party Gilmores

This weekend is so busy and yet not at all... Confused? Let me explain. Friday the school had their yearly band party - wiild... or not, haha. Saturday I just relaxed all day until evening where I went to my classmate's 18th birthday party. And now I'm doing absolutely nothing once again until tonight where we're going to the Oscars.

Or actually not doing nothing. More like watching Gilmore Girls. It's "my series". I'm not really hyped at all about Desperate Housewifes or Grey's Anatomy. I own all Gilmore seasons, haha... I've watched it ever since it came to Denmark and it makes me really down to earth. What can I say? I love it!


6 kommentarer:

  1. Godt du har noget der kan chille dig af xD

  2. You're cute as always!

    Gosh I use to be obbsessed with Gilmore Girls!

  3. Your earrings are soooooooooo cute *-*

  4. I love how you did you hair and those earrings are FABULOUS.

    I know so many people that love Gilmore Girls but I've never really watched it. T_T Maybe I should when I have time!

  5. Du ser fantastisk ud ! Det klæder dig faktisk virkelig godt i de farver <3

  6. I love gilmore girls, too! *_* But I also like Desperate Housewifes, Grey's Anatomy, .. ^^