tirsdag den 4. januar 2011

New year in Burlesque

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic 2010 and will enjoy many wonderful moments in 2011!
I'll do a new years-post later, so this is all you get for now.

Last week Astrid came over and she only just went home yesterday. It was really nice spending some time with her. We watched How To Train Your Dragon together again and kept quoting it the rest of the days. And then we watched a whole lot of Glee...

Alongside my mother we - Astrid and I - went to watch Burlesque. The plot was thin, but I'm tempted to say "of course it was!". You don't really go to see a musical because of the storyline, do you now?
Ali (Christina's character) moves to LA to be a dancer/singer and finds that she wants to go on stage on Burlesque. Only problem is that they aren't hiring. She then takes on another job in the club and works her way to the top - in this case the stage. But the club has financial problems...

I really liked the movie. Mostly because of the choreography and the costumes though. We all agreed that there were just a tiny bit too many songs. The fact that when I look back I can only remember 4-5 songs is proof of that.

There were some funny sequences, but of course the main focus was the stage and what happened up there. At least that's what I'd say - some people would probably say that the love story in it is the focus. The actors are wearing the most fantastic make-up doing the movie - sometimes I just looked over at Astrid with stars in my eyes. It was really breathtaking at some points.

Stanley Tucci was also in this movie. This took me by surprise and I was really happy about it! I think he's great at all he does - I absolutely adored him in The Lovely Bones.
Christina's acting was so-so, but she was just as good as most chick-flick actors so it wasn't really bad. That said the character really suited her. Cher on the other hand was really good in the role and performed fantastically.

Before hitting the movies we sat down on a café and enjoyed some hot tea and coffee for my mother. It's so damn cold outside - 5 minutes out there leave you craving hot drinks.
We played 500 - I don't know if this game exist outside of DK - and I won! We played a lot of different games during Astrid's stay and I won a lot of them, haha. Guess I'm out of luck for love !

We took a bubblebath together, because the bathtub is big enough. We popped in a LUSH thingy in and the water turned PINK. It said it would on the box, but we hadn't expected it to be so vibrant a color. I couldn't see my hand when I held it 2 cm under the surface. The bath was filled with white bubbles when we went in and every time we seperated them, we had already forgotten about the pinkness of the water. It was really fun.


6 kommentarer:

  1. Det lyder som fantastisk tid <3
    Heldige dig at være sammen med Astrid :C <3


    Det var bare så dejligt at være hjemme hos dig <3 Men det er nu også dejligt at have mine forældres hus helt for mig selv mens de er på arbejde, haha.

    Lige nu, ikk? Sidder jeg og venter på at kunne se resten af Glee <3

  3. Pink badevand! woo! :D

    Har du set Nine? også en mucical, hvor kostumerne er dejlige dejlige dejlige!
    jeg vil gerne se Burlesque :D Hvis jeg kender mig ret vil kostumerne totalt redde plottet ;)

    Godt Nytår!

  4. Stunning picture of you in the kimono!

  5. You in the kimono = beautiful!!

    I've been meaning to watch Burlesque just because of Christina~ You always see the movies I'm dying to watch. XD

    A bubble bath sounds so nice right now for the winter...

  6. I think Burlesque is amazing! I'm actually sitting and listening to the sountrack right now. I love all the songs (but I'm also a huge Xtina fan) ♥

    I LOVE LUSH'S PRODUCTS :'D I have a lot of those weird balls that colors the water. They're so funneh!