onsdag den 26. januar 2011

The new Swan Queen

My classmates and I went to the cinema in English today. We watched Black Swan, a movie I've been pretty much dying to see. And we got it real cheap because it was a study trip and therefore the cinema gives some kind of discount... Lucky!
We have a subject called "Unexpected tales" in English class at the moment and some girls and I thought Black Swan would fit in there perfectly! The boys seemed pretty eager about seeing it as well, so it was quickly agreed on.

Nina is a ballerina with a mother whom used to be in the same profession. She's fought to get where she is and is dying to get a larger part. When the academy starts a Swan Lake-production she is eager to obtain the role of both the White and Black Swan and become the new Swan Queen. She gets picked for the role but somebody is out to get her...

I was very pleased with the movie but I wasn't blown away due to the fact that my expectations had been sky high. Sadly so.
Also, I had expected some horror movie-like shocks and didn't find there to be many... Even though my classmates thought I was mental when I mentioned this - they'd been jumping up and down in their seats in surprise.
There were some really nasty scenes in this. I'm usually very good at seperating reality and film, but in this case many things was something one know happens. Nina goes to a ballerina masseuse at some point and the way that her joints just crack... It's soooo realistic. And the fact that I know Natalie Portman danced for 5 hours each day makes it even more so.

Natalie Portman - and everybody else in the movie for that sake - plays her part so well! I'm already head over heels for her becuase of first Star Wars and then V, but the way she performs here... it's just splendid.

We talked the movie over afterwards. Everyone had been just a little freaked out - even the boys! - and that made it very interesting to discuss it. Many were happy that it would still be day outside, because there are some dark scenes in Nina's home that could really make you think there could be monsters just around the corner...

The music is btw absolutely fantastic... It's classical music throughout the whole movie and that actually made the whole thing more eery at some points...


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  1. tomorrow !!! haha sad to hear its not a horror drama, had kind of expect that ;D

  2. I want to see it!! I need to persuade some friends to go see it with me haha! I bet it would still make me jump, I am a coward!

    Kitty x

  3. I've only got one thing to say about Natalie Portman; Natalie, you are a bad ass bitch, hell yeah!

    I can't wait to see it Tuesday ♥

  4. I liked the movie as well! :D Hadn't really looked into it before going, so I was really surprised to find there were so many nasty/ scary scenes, haha.

  5. Du har lige givet mig vildt meget lyst til at se den D; <3

  6. oh I want to see this movie so badly, now even more =)
    I love your blog and you are so beautiful, keep going!

  7. Jeg glæder mig SÅ meget til at se den med Caroline på søndag!

  8. Can't waitttt to see that movie next week!

  9. Just came home from watching it and.. I was honestly terrified at points! GOD, I didn't know anything about it except it was about ballet and something scary.
    I cringed every time bones knacked and skin was torn :(
    BUT DAMN, I loved it!