onsdag den 5. januar 2011

Celebration of the new and past year

Now for my new years-post! I celebrated the beggining and ending of a year with Astrid, Sascha and her boyfriend. Originally we had planned to go to Louise's place, but she got really sick and had to cancel out on both hosting and participating - such a shame! So instead we just stayed at my parents' house and had our party alongside my parents and their guests.

Btw, all photos in this post is by Sascha!

We made our own sushi and japanese style omelets etc. And yes, then we were western shitheads and drank cola on the side. Even though it was a simple meal I liked the fact that it suited our theme - I think it's pretty obvious what our theme was. Wapanese much.

This was my outfit. Can you say outfit when it's japanese traditional clothing? Well, guess so.
I bought the kimono (I'm just guessing it's not a yukata because it's thicker) while I was in Japan. It was during one of my trips to shrine flea markets - and it was so cheap. I'm so happy that I bought it now!

We had a little fun shooting some pictures, especially with the sparklers - can you tell? Astrid and Sascha looked so damn adorable!
We spent the rest of our evening playing Trivial Pursuit and then rushed downstairs to make a jump into the new year in front of the television. Then we sang along to some nationalistic songs and watched the fireworks. The wind was pretty strong and made it kind of dangerous to see it from the outside so we quickly moved to a safe location behind a window. The fireworks just kept on going until it started raining around 2.

Why is it that yutakas' sleeves are so short? Your arms look retarded is you keep them in that lenght... And the only thing that is really emphasized wearing them is the buttom. Sexxxxxy much.

I had a really great new years!

Wishing you all a happy 2011! Thanks for a fantastic 2010 to both my friends and followers!


7 kommentarer:

  1. Looked like fun! I never thought of giving New Years a theme but the kimono idea is so creative! Again, you looked great! ;D

  2. Du ser fantastisk ud og det samme til Astrid, Sascha og Kenny! (Bare fordi han er en dreng skal han da ikke holdes udenfor ;D)
    Elsker jeres tema! Og hurra for trivial!
    Håber du får det bedste 2011 nogensinde!

  3. Det ser bare SÅ hyggeligt ud :D
    Ville ønske jeg havde en kimono/yukata XDDD kunne være man skulle skaffe sig en til næste år (^-^)/

    Liv, you pwetty girl!!!! <3 Kimono ser rigtig godt ud på dig ^^

  4. I er bare så lækre! og daaamn jeg elsker dit hår! <3

    Det lyder til at I virkelig har haft en rigtig dejlig og hyggelig aften n___n

  5. Like I've said before.. you looked super cute in that kimono! <3

  6. Virkelig fantatiske billeder <3

    Du ser super flot ud i din yukata ! :D

  7. You looked so puuurtey~
    And the omelets.. OM NOM NOM NOM! They were soooo good QwQ